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This is awarded to ALL newbie bloggers who participated in this year’s event as Intiates. Every Initiate deserves recognition for their hard work during the NBI. This award is the community’s acknowledgement of your blog as an important addition to the blogosphere. We’re looking forward to watching you grow!

Please wear this proudly on your blog. I hope you’ll be getting a 1-Up Medal next year :) There’s so much more in store for you if you decide you love writing and being part of this community.


For all 2014 Sponsors who participated in 2013 as an Initiate, you know it’s NOT easy to survive the first year of blogging. But so far so good for you! Congratulations on (almost) one year of successful blogging and may you have many more!

This medal goes to: The Cynic Dialogues, JVT Workshop, Murf Versus, The Chindividual, Gamer By Design, She’s All Nerd, Cogitationes Astalnaris, Megadirge, The Sofa is Waiting, Thinking Play, Mysterious Artifact, Null Signifier, The Jazz Panda, Cheap Boss Attack, Part Time Core Gaming


Adventurer’s Staff

Your episodic writing, detailing your every adventure, no matter how awesome or mundane, is the pride of the community.

Missy’s Mojo

Top Nominees: Girl Grey and Pebble in the Moonlight!

good-monickerGood Monicker Medal

Your name will be remembered throughout the kingdom for it’s creativity and ability to inspire smiles.

Skip A Turn

Top Nominees: Pebble in the Moonlight and Beyond Bossfights (Braxwolf)

min-maxerMin-Max Specialist

You are a supreme nerd. Your dedication to analyzing and dissecting games is amazing and your thoughts interesting. You are a min-maxer: Looking for the best ways to get the most out of your hobby!

Game Introspection

Top Nominees: From the Desk of Doctor Hannah and 7 Days a Week

epic-bardEpic Bard

Your creativity inspires wonder and your tales reminds readers of the sort of stories spoken about in legends.

A Hobbit’s Journey

Top Nominees: Leafie and Embers, Ranzington Scouts and A Freckle for Your Thoughts

media-masterMedia Master

Your broadcasts are the talk of the town. Your style and presentation is pro, and your content is entertaining.

The Game Snark

Top Nominees: Beyond Bossfights (Braxwolf)

frontline-champFrontline Champ

Your reviews are the kind that either save gamers a lot of money or completely empty their pockets. Either way, you’re informative and persuasive. The good kind.

Looking for Play

Top Nominees: Ash’s Adventures and Skip A Turn

the-avatarThe Avatar

Your user guides are like a beacon in a dark, raging sea: brilliant and illuminating.


Top Nominees: Nexus Nightly and Grimoires of Supremacy

accolade-intrigueAccolade of Intrigue

The content of your blog is ..intriguing with a very unique style, voice, and presentation. Your writing inspires curiosity and the community looks forward to your future works.

Simcha’s Many Lives

Top Nominees: The Outlandish Buggins, Sygnus and Podborn

prolific-penProlific Pen

The frequency of your writing makes your blog a page-turner. And we love that about you.

From the Desk of Doctor Hannah

Only those who published the most articles for the month of May are nominated and receive this award!

This year we have a new award called Reader’s Choice, which allows all participants to vote on their favorite blog this year.

Congratulations to Missy’s Mojo!


Promising Stars

And for the top honors this year, it was NOT easy. The Promising Star can only go to bloggers who began writing since last May or who have published 24 or fewer articles. Their blogs have to be well laid out and easy on the eyes, and their writing style has to be unique, strong and clear. Finally, the blog has to have interesting content and the writer has to publish consistently.

Congratulations to Braxwolf Stormchaser!


This is awarded to the overall most outstanding Newbie Blogger and is the NBI’s highest honor. Your blog has been acknowledged for its style and unique content.


Congratulations to Ranzington Scouts!


This is awarded to game and/or genre specific blogs with the most outstanding content. Your writing style and blog content are rare and excellent.

herald-dragonAll Sponsors and Mentors are hereby awarded the Herald of the Dragon for helping make the NBI a lively event! You helped spread the word, you played games with us, you talked to new bloggers and you submitted articles. You gave advice and showed support on Twitter. You’re the reason newbies felt comfortable participating!

While the event tries to encourage NEW bloggers, it’s the old ones that help welcome and encourage them. Your participation is important and your contributions deserve recognition.

Last but not least, this year’s organizers have put in more work than any before them for the NBI. I asked a lot of them and most of the time they said yes :) I’m talking about those who worked every week, if not everyday, to find bloggers, keep them involved, and help everyone out. You organized every event and gave them energy! You kept the momentum going and made this event bigger than I could have hoped for. Thank you. Please wear this unique badge on your blogs so that everyone in the community can know that you’re a leader and that the NBI would not have happened without you.

Congratulations to J3w3l, Izlain, Roger, and Joseph Skyrim!

It has been awesome working with you. Enjoy this with your gift cards!


The main events are over, but the NBI is always here. I’ll see you guys around the community and make sure you stay subscribed to the blog and Twitter so you don’t miss any other events that may come up this year!


Chris "Doone" Mills is a native Californian (USA) who luvs playing games with others. When he's not newbing it up on Steam or being destroyed in Hearthstone, he writes at XPChronicles.com and T.R. Red Skies (trredskies.com).

8 thoughts on “And the Winners Are …

  1. Chris Mills says:

    Forgot to mention: Clicking on your award will take you to a larger, high quality download of it.

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  3. Huzzah! Congratulations to the winners and thanks Doone! 😀 Have to say, very spiffy looking awards there too. I feel you were holding back in the drawing event… ^_~

  4. j3w3l says:

    congrats every one… was a great year and an amazing batch of new writers. Good luck on your blogging journey ahead.

  5. tomeoric says:

    So very honored! Thank you all!

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