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The final round-up for 2014’s NBI event! It’s been quite a busy month and hopefully mostly fun for everyone involved. You can find the final article round-ups on the forum.

This year’s NBI has been more successful than last year’s and as successful as the very first event. To everyone who worked to make this a great and supportive event, YOU SUCCEEDED. I want to especially thank those us who have poured more energy into the NBI this month than our own blogs. To be honest, it’s been more than worth it. The amount of community helping, sharing and supporting I’ve seen this month taught me a lot about all of you. A lot of great things. But before I get into that I’ll give you the final numbers on newbies and supporters who participated this year:

  • 47 Newbies
  • Countless Supporters (srsly, Twitter is still exploding with them)
  • 7 Mentors

Did you miss out on who these newbies were?

Awards will be announced next week by June 11th. I apologize for the delay, but there are only two of us working on it and that’s a lot of blogs to get through for volunteers with limited time. We are definitely dedicated to the task, so don’t fret – we’re excited about this too! Just be patient and just keep listening on the usual channels for updates: Twitter and this blog. It’ll be well-worth it.

Special Thanks to Our Volunteers

So many articles were written about and submitted for the NBI that it was challenging to keep up! If not for Izlain making those weekly round-ups, it would have been even more insane. He has been the currator and has done an awesome job of helping keep things organized and sane. Communities are as organic they are organized and I think healthy ones must have a lot of room for both if it is to thrive. NBI has thrived in 2014 and I hope we can all keep that going.

Another thing we saw this time was GAMING. Lots of it. The gaming events did everything to break the ice between strangers and it was J3w3l who’s owed a lot of credit for that. She took the lead on it each week and made it easy and fun to get involved. We needed that. Without those events, this would have been another dull NBI. Your crappy scores paled in comparison to my crappy ones and I’m very proud to have the title of Biggest Loser. I wear it with pride.

Roger was also an asset the event. He wrote quite a few advice articles this month including frequent mentions on his podcast and guests. He also helped keep Twitter active this month, which was a pretty damn big task (much bigger than I’d anticipated).

Joseph Skyrim has been helping out a ton to help us properly award every Initiate this year. That work is still on-going, but I don’t need to describe what a large task this is! Again, some of the things we’re doing this year just can’t be done without this kind of volunteerism.

Lots of others volunteered on specific occasions this month to give a piece of their very valuable time, and I’m more appreciative of that than words can express. THANK YOU. The community has prospered from it and is lucky to have people like you who are able to step up!

Finally, HUGE thanks and a lot of love for Cliffhanger Productions (Shadowrun Online) and Free Lives (Broforce) for their unexpected support this year. This was the first time any developers have sponsored and supported the NBI and I hope all of you who won keys to these games enjoy them!

End of the Main Events …And Beyond

So what else did we get out of this years event? Well, I think we showed that we’re much more of a community than some of you thought. For my part, I’ve learned that community is as much about shared presence as its shared values. It’s easy to take for granted what those values are because we’re usually only looking for similarities instead of relationships.We’re all connected and I’m glad we were able to enjoy and celebrate that connection this year.

The NBI didn’t end May 31st  …just the annual big event. The NBI community is never closed, never over, always here. Of course, with the main events at a close I expect activity will go back to normal, quieter levels around here. But I’ll do my best to continue to keep some energy flowing here so that any new bloggers who find their way here don’t find a total ghost town.

Please continue to refer new bloggers to the site! That counts for you too – it’s your community.

While I’ll be going back to my normal blogging life, I’m not hard to find if you need anything, have questions or just wanna talk about games. Most of us have all of our public contact information on the forums.

Mentors: Mentoring doesn’t end with May 31st :) But if you would like to be removed from the NBI Mentor List, please use the contact form on the site to let us know! Of course, volunteers can just use the Join form.

Loose Ends

The following people need to PM me on the forums (or via email if you don’t like forums) for their Quest Log prizes:

  • Braxwolf
  • Missy Mojo
  • Iogro Merrybelly

I’ll also send you forum PMs so I can get rid of these last few prizes :) Thank you all for your high participation. It absolutely made a huge difference in how many people we reached and brought into the NBI.

NBI 2014 Awards Coming June 11th


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