Shadowrun Online Supports the NBI!


So if you’re a Shadowrun geek like MANY OF US, you’ll be very excited to learn that the developers at Cliffhanger Productions have been gracious and have decided to support the Newbie Blogger Initiative! Shadowrun Online is an upcoming MMO that takes place in the beloved, grungy, cyber-punky Shadowrun universe, where Trolls can wield machine guns and dragons can leave the internet to join you in the real world. Currently the game is only available for PC, but Cliffhanger plans to port it to Mac and Android as soon as possible(other platforms are on the table as well). Cliffhanger is the creator of Jagged Alliance and their sister studio is Harebrained Schemes, the team that brought us the incredibly awesome Shadowrun Returns. These guys understand Shadowrun and I’m definitely looking forward to what they can do with the MMO! Currently,...

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New Quest: Why Do You Support the NBI?


In preparing to launch NBI 2014, I’ve got a quest for all of you enthusiastic participants. It’s a topic: Why Do you Support the NBI? To participate, submit your article here and wait for confirmation before you publish it! This event runs from the date of this post until May 3rd (this is the window you must plan to publish it). You can make the title of your article whatever you like, this is simply the topic. In it, talk about your experience with the NBI in the past and what you liked most about. Have other bloggers influenced you? How important is community? Is it important at all? If this is your first year participating, you can talk about why you decided to do so and what your expectations are. Your experiences matter. We want to know how bloggers feel about...

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A New Player Has Joined #1


Maybe you knew about these blogs, maybe you didn’t. The NBI wasn’t aware of them until this week so here’s our warm welcome to these fellow game bloggers! Steven Pope at Skip A Turn Mtberry Yoshi at Game Introspection The Game Snark at The Game Snark Veteran bloggers who are participating for the first time have also been showing their support on Twitter! Those players are: Effy at Awaiting the Muse Aywren at Sygnus Connor at MMO Fallout Glad to see some new faces joining the ranks, but the real test will be how much you participate in the event. We hope to see you on Steam and social media in the coming weeks. To get started, you can check out this post and also catch up to current events on the Community Forum.

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The NBI Quest Log Event


How can we provide incentives for NBI participants? How can we make this more interesting and provide some activity in the community. Quests, that’s how. The NBI Quest Log is an on-going event in which gives you some incentive to be active during the month of May. If you participate in any of the NBI events you’ll earn experience points (XP) and, if you accumulate enough, you’ll win Phat Loot. 15 XP: Herald’s Bounty 25 XP: Champion’s Bounty 40 XP: Divine Bounty I know that’s a pretty vague description of exactly what you’ll get, but just trust me: it won’t a keychain or a photo of me at Disney World. It will be Phat Loot and the prizes range from in-game shop items to new games to game time cards. It just depends on what our supporters donate and what...

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Submit Your Articles and Guides to NBI

We’re right into the run-up for NBI 2014! If you’ve been planning to participate by writing, podcasting, vlogging or streaming a topic for the NBI, then this announcement is for you. Just use the link below to submit your article for the NBI. Once published, it will appear in the Blogging Advice (NBI Archive). Vloggers/Podcasters: We don’t expect you to donate an hour of your podcast or vlog to your NBI topic. If you will be talking about a topic specifically for the NBI for any length of time during your broadcast, that counts as a submission. Likewise, if you plan to run regular announcements of NBI on your show you only need to make 1 submission below and title it so I know its a recurring announcement. Remember, please check Blogging Advice BEFORE you write an article. Link back...

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A Quest for Bloggers: Are You NBI’s Most Awesome Supporter?


The NBI has a quest for anyone who loves quests and likes loot. Which should pretty much be anyone reading this. Finding the new bloggers among us can be ….challenging!!! Seems only appropriate that we make a GAME out of it. For each new blogger you discover, tweet their name/site to @newbieblogger2 . Meet the following goals and you’ll rack up XP towards the following prizes: 3 Tweets: 15 XP towards Phat Loot. 5 Tweets: 25 XP towards Phat Loot. 10 Tweets: 1 Steam Game and share the crown of NBI’s Most Awesome Supporter [2]. New Blogger means any blog, podcast, stream, or vlog that you never knew about before but that you discovered while specifically seeking new blogs. The bloggers you find may turnout to be veterans — that’s OK. As long as they are new to NBI. By handing...

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Gaming is at the Top of NBI 2014′s Agenda


This year will be more than just publishing articles. We are reaching out as far and deep into the community as we can to bring some excitement and dynamism to the blogosphere. And what better way to do that than our favorite pastime: video games! We’ve got some new gaming events lined up this year to not only inspire pens and keyboards, but bring bloggers together to do what we love to do the most. These game events will include prizes and friendly competition. So you just might walk away with more than a few additional names on your friends-list, a smile, a pocket full of laughs, and a high score. You just might win more games. NBI 2014 will bring you scoreboards and a other gaming events to keep the community engaged. We’re all usually so busy stuffed up...

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So You Wanna Know About NBI


Newbie Blogger Initiative is a grassroots community effort to support gamers who want to blog, vlog, stream, and podcast their passion for video games. The NBI was founded by Justin Olivetti of Massively in 2012, and it’s been carried on by the community an annual event. This will be the 3rd year of NBI goodness! A Little Background The purpose of NBI is pretty basic. We’re here to: Promote aspiring game bloggers. Establish a friendly support network to nurture those bloggers. Create an on-going community for bloggers that’s available 24/7/365 The game blogging community plays a pretty huge role in the proliferation of games. We write about the games that inspire and thrill us all while giving fellow gamers a place to go to talk about those games, build guilds and generally create communities. Those bloggers benefit from a support...

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Scouts Wanted!


As we get ready for the NBI there’s one great challenge left to conquer: recruiting aspiring authors! In the previous two years, participation has been mostly passive and while successful, we’re not reaching as many new bloggers as we can. Usually, we simply announce the NBI and try to draw newbie bloggers to the event. This year I think there’s room to  get out there and scout for newbies! But how does one scout? Well one way is to make a list of all the potential places aspiring bloggers might hang out, such as game forums or communities that are in beta. When you think you’ve spotted a new blog or guild or streamer who’s getting started, reach out your hand and give them the NBI card! Or …you know, just write it down and pass that information to us!...

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The Countdown to NBI 2014: What You Can Do To Support It

Are you ready for a Summer 2014 NBI that’s more than just pressing publish? More than saying “grats” in the comments? More than back-linking? GOOD. NBI 2014 IS BRINGING YOU MOAR. First, thanks for dropping in! I know how tempting it was to not click that link and arrive here, so I’ll try to make it worth your while. In short, you’re going to want to break the monotony of your own blogging cycle and get out into the community a bit, and NBI provides you with just the opportunity for that. Let us jest and have jokes with you, introduce you to new bloggers and give you an opportunity to pass your wisdom along to game blogger posterity! AND PLAY GAMES WITH PEOPLE. Yes, all this and more, we hope to bring you in NBI 2014! For a break...

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