The Gaming Podcast Nexus


The Gaming Blog Nexus, a community project linked to the NBI, has added a new feature that you should know about! On the website, on the top navigation bar, you’ll see a link to “podcasts.” Clicking on that link will take you to a list of gaming-related podcasts from members of this very community. You should go check those out! Keep an eye on this space, further developments are coming down the pipeline for a podcasting network, I’ll keep you updated as I know more. As always, thanks for being a member of the NBI community, and happy blogging!

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Blaugust Coming in August!

Neighborhood writer and fellow gamer Belghast is sponsoring an event this year that he’s named Blaugust. This is a great opportunity for all bloggers, but especially Newbie Bloggers, to engage with the community once more before the Summer is up. In Bel’s words: The idea is rather simple. During the month of August I challenge you my blogging peers to take up the mantle of daily posts. To win the contest, you must post one new entry each day. Now personally I tend to view staged posts that are written in batch as cheating, to make things easier on the varied schedules this is totally fair game. There are several of you out there that already post regularly… and that is awesome. I totally hope each and every one of you will enter into the challenge, but what I am...

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A New Player Has Joined No. 5


The NBI never ends. Since the main events a few new bloggers have joined our ranks. Voo at Voo’s Review Rain at Spiders in the Attic  Ariel at Ariel View Sydney at MMOify Hayley at Pursuit of a Fairytale WELCOME TO ALL OF YOU! If you haven’t, head to the forum and introduce yourself properly! The rest of you, head over to their blogs and show a little bit of support!

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And the Winners Are …


This is awarded to ALL newbie bloggers who participated in this year’s event as Intiates. Every Initiate deserves recognition for their hard work during the NBI. This award is the community’s acknowledgement of your blog as an important addition to the blogosphere. We’re looking forward to watching you grow! Please wear this proudly on your blog. I hope you’ll be getting a 1-Up Medal next year There’s so much more in store for you if you decide you love writing and being part of this community.   For all 2014 Sponsors who participated in 2013 as an Initiate, you know it’s NOT easy to survive the first year of blogging. But so far so good for you! Congratulations on (almost) one year of successful blogging and may you have many more! This medal goes to: The Cynic Dialogues, JVT Workshop, Murf Versus,...

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Vote for Your Favorite Bloggers!

NBI Awards

The NBI 2014 Awards are here. It’s time for you to cast your vote! The NBI awards are just one way that we show our new bloggers that we appreciate them. It’s not just about giving out an award for show, though that’s definitely one of the best parts! We try to look at every new blogger and acknowledge their hard work and their talent. The NBI awards are badges that shows the community recognizes it’s own and appreciates them. Please cast your vote! A list of every blog by award category was put together to make it easier for participants and also to encourage fairness. Take your time, revisit our newbie bloggers, and submit your vote! READ: Nominees by Category VOTE: 2014 Awards Survey  

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A Final Round-Up

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The final round-up for 2014’s NBI event! It’s been quite a busy month and hopefully mostly fun for everyone involved. You can find the final article round-ups on the forum. This year’s NBI has been more successful than last year’s and as successful as the very first event. To everyone who worked to make this a great and supportive event, YOU SUCCEEDED. I want to especially thank those us who have poured more energy into the NBI this month than our own blogs. To be honest, it’s been more than worth it. The amount of community helping, sharing and supporting I’ve seen this month taught me a lot about all of you. A lot of great things. But before I get into that I’ll give you the final numbers on newbies and supporters who participated this year: 47 Newbies Countless Supporters (srsly,...

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F.A.Q.’s for New Bloggers


So umm …what’s blogging? Really? REALLY? You don’t know what this amazing activity is? Fine, I’l spell it out for you. Blogging is the act of typing rows upon rows of paragraphs, all of which describe some experience you’ve had that you wish to share. Blogging is the act of writing. Different writers treat it different ways. Some bloggers use their blogs as personal diaries. Others use it as place to write guides, give advice, or report on community events. Ooh, that sounds kinda awesome, lot’s of potential. Who can blog? Anyone with a passion for writing. In the NBI community, most of our bloggers write about games. They range from table top to MMOs to gamer culture, so there’s no limit to the topics you’ll find around here. How do I get started? You’ll need to establish 3 things: What...

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NBI’s List of Lists

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This is a list of lists submitted by bloggers from around the community and curated here for your easy reading pleasure. All of the articles below are quick lists of advice for new bloggers, so they make for easy reading when you just need some fast advice. If you’re looking to suck in as much advice as you can in one sitting, it doesn’t get easier than lists! Below is the name of the blog and the title of the article. Herding Cats: High Level Blogging Hawt Pants: New blogger advice Gamerlady: Tips to start Distilled Willpower: 8 blogging tips they won’t tell you Casual Is As Casual Does: Tips, tricks and who am I kidding Casual Aggro: Blogging Do’s and Don’ts Beau Hindman: General advice A Journey through the Mind: My 0.2 ISK In An Age: Advice for new bloggers Jaded Alt: So you wanna be a blogger? Just...

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NBI’s Most Popular Advice

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As you’ve probably noted over the years, we’ve got quite a collection of advice articles for our bloggers from supporters. If you’ve read them all, then you’ve seen how similar some lists are. Some advice is just too good so it gets repeated, and for good reason. Almost every article in the list mentions one or more of these pieces of advice. Just write. Organize your thoughts and press publish. Edit your work. It’s important to revise, not just proof read. Write for yourself.  Find your motivation. Don’t fake it; be yourself and find your unique style. Don’t write to appease. Share your stories. They allow you to connect on a personal level with your readers. Plus they’re fun! Keep notes handy. Write down your ideas. Be social. Interact with other bloggers. Blogging is as much about having a platform...

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Rally Week


Yes, I just made this up spontaneously. Here’s what Rally Week shall be from here until ….at least 2015, but possibly ETERNITY It’s the final week of the NBI. We’ve all exhausted ourselves supporting the event this month, seeking new bloggers and dedicating time to them that we’d usually spend at our own blogs. It’s the kind of volunteering that has no price, but which is an invaluable service to the community. In acknowledgement of that, this week I want everyone to give one last rallying cry for the NBI event. Rallying cries look like: Check in on our newbies. Here’s a list of them: Tweet, tweet and retweet when you read something you like. Be sure to mention @newbieblogger2 and #nbi2014! Join the Indie Gala this week. It’s the final week! GET A HIGH SCORE PLS! Submit any final...

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